The Eurofashion firm descends from a family of master hatters from 20 years. The constant modeling innovation and the commitment in selecting the best raw materials have made the hat shop reliable in the production of hats through its craftmanship and the sales of the summer and winter models for men and women using fine materials like lapin, merinos, parasisol and other straws with distribution in Italy and the rest f the world. The craftmanship is all hand made with seals that have been researched in both mass distribution and also within the more refined and demanding clientele.

Every brain's got its own hat.





When talking about the quality relative to certain features of the hat – or rather the end product – the problem is then simply linked to the standards which will have to be followed within the production process. If instead within the concept of “quality” is included, for example, customer satisfaction, then we’d be moving from an objective consideration to a subjective one and the company would have to “get out” from the mere production mechanisms so they can verify the external perception of the product and engaging its clients.



Give a shape to the hat through the help of the steam.


Using heat to reinforce the shape of the hat.


Inserting the seals that will form the hat.


Inserting the inner lining with leather finishing.

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